Meta Frontend Intern Interview Experience

Before I applied for the SDE intern and front-end intern positions at Meta. My application for SDE got rejected, but the HR offered a front-end interview instead. The front-end interview questions were quite different from SDE, and I felt a bit lost at the beginning.

I found the interview experiences shared by others on Blind very helpful. However, due to limited preparation time of only one week, I still didn’t make it. Here are some of the questions I was asked during the interview, hoping it can help others:

During the HR reachout, there were no behavioral questions, but some basic JavaScript knowledge questions were asked:

  • Differences between var, let, const
  • Event delegation
  • This keyword
  • Difference between queue and stack
  • How to simulate a stack in JavaScript
  • Time complexity to traverse a balanced tree
  • Call and apply
  • What is DOM
  • Bind
  • Advantages of using ES6 maps over objects

During the phone screen, the interviewer was a non-American white person with a strong accent, and there were many follow-up questions.