Uber Frontend Interview Experience

Build a progress bar in the code, I had trouble figuring out the width in pixels and got stuck for over 10 minutes. The interviewer pointed it out in the end, which was embarrassing. In the second part, I successfully implemented a button that adds a progress bar when clicked. However, in the third part, there was a change. The interviewer wanted each progress bar to complete before the next one started, unlike the throttle buttons I initially thought of. After some guidance from the interviewer about using a queue, I remembered a task runner and quickly provided pseudo code on how to achieve it. The interviewer seemed satisfied with this approach as there was limited time left. In the fourth part, I was not asked to write code but to explain how to implement a pause and resume button functionality. I mentioned using clearInterval for this purpose.

After the interview, I asked the interviewer two questions and received notification of passing 30 minutes later.